Tomcat - config web server problems

Eclipse J2EE vs Tomcat standalone services
Eclipse is a great tool, IDE and powerful stuff. Today I use it for my mobile App project. Some stress server config problems take me 2 hours. Nervously, we use utitlity server in Eclipse, not choice to stop service in Tomcat process, it says port already bind when run jsp page @ Eclipse.
netstat is useful tool in Windows to find out which port in use, but it don't a solution. Shortly, it can run Tomcat service and Eclipse server manager at the same time.
I have found something usefully when config Eclipse Calisto EE:
  • Help Support well, better than Google in some case.
  • Write JSP in Eclipse is cool, well-designed.
  • Preferences and right-clicked at right thing is all you need to config.
IIS vs Tomcat:
IIS service run at the same time with Tomcat service, the nightmare with me, localhost will only see IIS, and then you must goto Admin tool->services-> disable IIS service, restart Tomcat , then everything OK.


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