Hacking student info sistem at my school

Alpha version of info student at my school, Open University at HCM city.
spending a lot of time to figure out how to get grade, the schedule, blah blah ...
And the problem is, I do NOT have any permission on database.

My solution is "PARSING HTML".
it's cool stuff.
You request a page with your passoword, and my job is parsing, get only some useful info, put on my site.

try it, my student ID is 10460113.


Using MVC architecture:

  1. View, Google Web Toolkit, nice tool for Web User Interface,
  2. Controller, ASP.NET , C# and very strong library to parsing HTML is available.
  3. Model: not thing, I just call the page @ http://dichvu.ou.edu.vn/

ASP.net working as a remote procedure , and Google Web Toolkit supports very strong remote Procedure Call to fetch data.


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