time at DRD

at the end of this week, the new website of drdvietnam.com is published. working with Peter is fun, although some misunderstanding between me and Peter.

It is a long story and I can't tell but I respect Peter, like my teacher, who teach me a lot.

It's not just technical problems, but more than that.

That 's the honor about yourself, others and about we need to think on relationship between people and people. DRD is non-profit organization, not working for business, they working for the rights for disable people.

I love the job, working as volunteer at DRD, 8 months is long time.

Design a software for normal use is hard, for people but they can't hear you, or see you is very hard. still a lot of thing to learn, usability is hot subject in human computer interaction. As you know, software is for human use, not for computer run.

If you can visit drdvietnam.com, you can feel it not beautiful, it's so simple, right ?

keep is simple as possible but not simpler, maybe is the idea of Peter. yeah, this layout is design for some screen reader, which can do text-to-speech. They read all words on the page with high structure, for whom can not read, visual impairment.

This weekend is over internship time at DRD, but still I still work when I'm free. The intern time is over like that, so sad.

My thesis for DRD is the another story. maybe begin in August.

and now focus on my job. I like social networking subject. still lots of challenge ahead


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