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GPS game

Finally, after a month saving, I have enough 60$ for small device GPS receiver. After 3 times tracking, at workplace( near Phú Nhuận Dis), at school (Open University), and my home. Sadly, only 1 place is correct is at my home. (+_+) The condition to measure is at outdoor, at 11'33 PM, satellite time is 16.33.58 not bad, the bias is 20 meter away from my home. Next step is using real data and create some mashups with Google Map. ( aha, old invention (~_~)

My thesis and story-focused analysis

Haft a month has passed, now I must focus a little on my thesis. Try to balance between work and your study is so exhausted, but we must try, isn't it ? First, I want to show some my key points in my plan for writing this thesis. My subject: research about requirement analysis document in French, got from my instructor, Prof. Trai. second, make all clear using Merise Methodology. First thing to keep in my mind that Merise have lack of practical view on goal-driven development. But it still strong, the Model of Conceptual Communication show some view in interaction between actors (user) and system, some what like Use Case in UML. Visibility in process is important for understanding what we will develop. My ideas here is use "story-focused analysis" for getting more visible in business process. The user story is just basis what user do something with system. instead of manually, you make it conceptualizing and automate all process front-end to "done". We can