Saturday, November 19, 2011

Resources for the next generation of scientists and engineers

There are many good materials, free ebooks, lectures, ... but here is a few of things come with me many years when I started learning "Hello World" in Computer Science.
Thanks to Google University (I have started using Google since 2004)

the Foundations,

Foundations of Computer Science

Introduction to Programming in Java

Algorithms, 4th Edition

Advanced level:

Mining of Massive Datasets

Agile Patterns: The Technical Cluster (a good engineer should understand both theory and practice)

Networks, Crowds, and Markets:Reasoning About a Highly Connected World
for self-study student like me

Video lectures and should check it out :

Enterprise infoQ for CS engineering

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Think and Make it happen

dedicate these words to someone is reading my blog :)

Navigate the waters of your inner self with emotion. 

Turn the simple things into a spectacle for the eyes. 

Never give up on life or on those you love.

Never grow old in the territory of emotion!
Disappointment, frustration, and loss will always occur,
But work through each pain as an opportunity  to grow.
Find an oasis in each your desserts!
Contemplate beauty. Unleash creativity.
Manage your thoughts. Protect your emotions.
Live in enterprising lifestyle.
Train your amazing mind to be brilliant. You deserve it!

Play with Akka, better & scalable concurrency model for Java

You have a cool algorithm to compute relationship between your friends and your hobbies, interests.You want to scale it to 10 million users (scalability). blah ..blah ...Here is the ideas (functional programming - Haskell, Erlang , map&reduce - Hadoop,Google ,  Actor Pattern - Akka framework ) The Actor Model - Towards Better Concurrency