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We are in the age of "web 2.0" overload. Companies, users, or even governments are talking about Web 2.0, social media, mobile app,
=>  the "big data"  is born !
How many accounts you have in Gmail, Yahoo, Facebook, ...
We make our digital life become "overload", sharing for friends ob FB ? how they see the things you share ?
Facebook'wall is not a Google search page.
Twitter ? Ok, the content platform, a true social media tool for the crowds. But I it's hard to find, because we see is "the plat wall" on the screen.
Think! you can not sort it! What Twitter can provide, is what we should accept!
If they don't implement that feature, you have to wait or let search for an app on their platform, and of course if we are lucky!

So what is Information overload?
"An important theme in the design of management information systems is that managers (and indeed most people) struggle with the processing of large sets of data. Given too much information they will quickly succumb
to a state that is known as information overload. This is amental state where being served with additional data becomes detrimental, not beneficial to judgement." ... from

it's time to think how we do a simple task when we have learned using a computer in the post Web2.0  era!
Organizing your personal data!


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